The Design Council
The Design Council is the authority on Design in the UK. Their agenda is to develop and promote design in the UK and to promote the value of UK design businesses in the UK and abroad. For some time, they had been running a small grants scheme that was designed to give seed funding for organisations to self promote design ‘locally. Their general feeling was that the scheme wasn’t making the impact they wanted and the profile of the Design Council wasn’t big enough for their overall message of the ‘Value of Design’ to cut through to business.
     Wire were  brought in to help take a fresh look at how best to create a programme with greater recognition, meaning and impact right across the campaign. Wire recommended bigger, higher profile, regionally focused activity under a single clear brand message and shared visual identity. The result was the ‘Design for Growth’ campaign owned and coordinated regionally with clear recognition of the Design Council. The programme was easier to manage and resulted in dramatically improved understanding by business that ‘good design = growth’.

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