Crossfields: Access

Crossfields was a series of publications intended to use the creative arts to stimulate conversation and provoke debate. Designers, illustrators, photographers, artists and writers were asked to explore topical issues through their work.
     The potential of the idea was obvious and quickly artists, printers and paper suppliers had got on board and were offering their work and services for free so as they could be part of the project.

The first edition explored the idea of ‘access’ throughout society. Physical impairment, financial depravation, lack of education, geographical remoteness can all lead to a sense of disconnectedness and the belief that ‘access’ is being denied. 
     A huge number of contributions were received that displayed the diversity of possible responses to the brief, creating an intriguing collection of personal work.
     Rather than being a negative portrayal of society it served as a reminder that there is still much to strive towards and that the process itself can be rewarding.

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