The Refugee Council
The client had seen their clients become the target for racism, victimisation and the
In recent years they had seen their clients become the target of racism, victimisation and the subject of lies in the press. They were finding it difficult to get their message across and the current membership were feeling increasingly impotent as the political parties failed to stand up and defend basic human rights. Because of the negative messages and lies they were also finding it difficult to attract a younger, more active membership and consequently funding. 
     Wire was chosen to help the organisation to develop a high impact campaign strategy and brand. The messaging was radical in its tone and is designed to work as a rallying cry; the look and feel derived from the representation of activist, protest graffiti in the form of a stencil toolkit.
     Don’t Believe The Type was launched at Glastonbury to a younger audience  Wire designed and produced T-shirts, badges, stamps, membership packs (which doubled as stencils) and a new online toolkit that equipped people with the contacts and arguments to contest the lies of the media and the inertia of politicians.
“At best we expected interesting and edgy design that would appeal to a younger audience. What we ended up with was 1,500 new members in just two weeks and unprecedented national press coverage.”

Tim Finch, 
Communication Director,
The Refugee Council

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